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What is FederalERM.org

I hope you enjoyed the short video explaining what a Personal Learning Network is, because that's the purpose of this website-- to help a community of people learn and find better ways to improve organizational performance through a specific discipline, such as risk management. The goal is for you to walk away with information, perspectives and resources to help you make a contribution to your personal professional growth as you continue to work in the risk management field in government settings.

The website is based on the belief that if you crowd-source knowledge from different sources, we can all contribute to making the public sector better!  The goal is to share useful best practices and insights from those who practice risk management for public sector use!

FederalERM.org is a personal, after work and weekend project. All views expressed in it are the personal views of the moderator and information shared is found in the public domain. 



FederalERM.org in the News - Government Executive Magazine

In an article entitled “Learning It Your Way” published in Government Executive Magazine in 2010, the following was noted about the FederalERM.org website:


 “…But for government workers who have to learn new skills on the job, formal training won't cut it. The knowledge, skills and abilities they need to develop can be found only through informal networks and nontraditional learning efforts. Federal training professionals have to rethink the way they help employees learn new skills. Think "self-help," not "enroll here."

Indeed, social networking sites have helped foster permanent professional development networks for government workers. For example, some 300 federal professionals interested in enterprise risk management have joined the site FederalERM.org to keep up with the latest developments in that field.”

To Read the Article go to this link: http://www.govexec.com/magazine-analysis/magazine-analysis-management-matters/2010/07/learning-it-your-way/31860/


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